Gift for squidgiepdx

Title: ET Therapy
Author: Randommindtime (randommindtime)
Recipient: squidgiepdx
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: PG pre-slash
Word Count: ~2918
Warnings: None
Summary: Our resident Space Idiots are forced to deal with their emotions when there are alien handcuffs involved.

sga_secretsanta, written for Squidgiepdx who asked for, first time fics, humor, and "wait, we're dating?", all of which I was happy to oblige.  This is my first time writing for a secret santa exchange, so it was fun if not a bit challenging!  I was sick with a fever when I wrote half of this, so please ignore anything that's too weird haha  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Link to story on AO3

Gift for Hyx_sydin

Title: Twist of Fate
Author: Tarlan (tarlanx)
Recipient: hyx_sydin
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: PG slash
Word Count: ~3260
Warnings: None
Summary: Finding your soulmate seemed more like a twist of fate because there were billions of humans and only one person who shared the identical mark to your own, and yet it happened every day for some. Just not him.

sga_secretsanta, written for Hyx Sydin who asked for, A happy ending, AUs are okay, and crossovers, misunderstandings, jealousy, soulmates, sentient!Atlantis if canon-ish, magical!Rodney and knight!John...

A happy ending is a given, and I liked the idea of Soulmates. I really do hope you enjoy your story. Happy Holidays!!



Gift for respoft

Title: The bestest
Author: darkmoore
Recipient: respoftw
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard (McShep)
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1534
Warnings: m-preg, fluff, kidfic, domestic
Summary: Career choice discussions with an almost three year old


Dear respoftw, when I read your "wishes" I was torn between writing the most fluffy m-preg/kid-fic I've ever produced and the most angsty, heavy on the hurt h/c fic I could possibly manage. Initially, i was leaning towards the h/c. But then I thought that that's what I'm writing all the time. M-preg however is something I write a lot less often. In fact, I usually only write m-preg any more if I know someone actually wants to read it. So this is for you. M-preg, fluff and kid-fic. I really hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas!

Gift for Brumeier

Title: Learning To Share
Author: respoftw
Recipient: brumeier
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard (McShep)
Rating: General Audience
Word Count: 7,206
Warnings: Off screen death of Jeannie and Kaleb pre-fic.
Summary: Rodney returns, untriumphantly, to the SGC following the death of his sister and her English teaching excuse of a husband.

He has to deal with raising an 18 month old kid, being on the lowest rung of the scientific ladder and, to top it all off, he doesn't even get his own office. All in all, he'd rather be back in Siberia.

LINK TO STORY ON AO3 Learning To Share

Gift for Mimm (littlemimm)

Title: Something New
Author: mific
Recipient: mimm
Characters: Genfic. John Sheppard and Michael Kenmore
Rating: Teen
Word Count: ~7000
Warnings: No AO3 warnings apply
Summary: His name is Darkflight, a Wraith warrior and dart pilot. But what did the humans do to him with their poison? He can't remember his life before this place, and even worse, he can't speak mind to mind.
Notes: Written for the SGA Secret Santa exchange 2016, for Mimm, who's fond of Michael. I couldn't manage a romance for you, but hopefully a "well, at least they're not complete enemies" genfic will be okay.
This is set later in Season 3 after Common Ground, and before Vengeance. In this divergence, the events of Vengeance and The Kindred never happen.

LINK TO STORY ON AO3: Something New

Gift for: Aqualegia

Title: Operation Making Christmas
Author: nagi_schwarz
Recipient: aqualegia
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Word Count: ~5100
Warnings: None, although the story is possibly a little bit crack-y, and there is a sneaky crossover
Summary: Someone in the science department taught the Athosian children about Christmas. John Sheppard has a plan to bring them Christmas, complete with Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa, presents, and an elf. Rodney is along for the ride.
Link to Story: on AO3

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