Congratulations and well done to everyone who has posted their gifts :) However, we're still waiting on two more. I've been in contact with the writers and they've said they'll be posting soon, so if you have not received a gift fic yet: do not worry! It's coming.

Thanks for your guys' patience, with each other and with me. It's my first time modding a fest.

Ao3 Posting Issues

We've been having a few people run into problems posting their fic. It keeps getting saved as a draft. If it's saved as a draft, neither I nor squidgie can approve it and have it post. I tried approving a draft to see what happened, and it just disappeared into the ether.

I asked squidgie, who is a tech wizard and handling the ao3 things, and this is what he had to say:

"...They should go in and choose “My Assignments” and then choose to fulfill it from there. that’s the easiest way for them to submit their story."

Click on your username at the top right of the ao3 page. Go down to "my assignments".

Make sure you hit "post" and not "save without posting".

If you've submitted a fic and it was listed as [Title of Fic (Draft)], please open it up and hit "post"!

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Fics are starting to come in, which is an amazing thing to see!

A heads up: the last day of posting is the 23rd, not the 21st, which I believe is the date I told some people. So there is still a couple days. I apologize to everyone over this miscommunication.

Also a reminder: contact me if you think a pinch hitter might be needed. Do not wait too long, guys. I totally get that life happens, but lets make this a good holiday for everyone!

If you simply disappear without contact me, you are ineligible for signing up next year.

Couple Things

I was just reminded that I should perhaps explain that "Seekrit things are Seekrit" and no names are to appear on a Seekrit Santa fanwork until the reveal of the author names. You should use some form of the following if thanking your beta before the reveal: TYK to my beta, [name redacted].

This is because some people always use the same beta, or are known friends with someone they thank as their beta, and it might allow people to figure out who the mystery gifter is~

Also, I would like to remind all our hardworking gifters out there that there are 9 more days in the posting period. If you have decided to drop out or can't finish in time, please let me know. This way I can find a pinch hitter and give them the maximum amount of time to write a gift fic.

Mandatory Check-In

Hey guys! It's November 29th, which means we're coming up on the last few weeks of the fest. Please email for your check-in.

Failure to do so means your assignment will be turned over to a pinch-hitter. I understand it's the holiday season, so I'll give everyone a couple days, but after that I'm going to assume you're unable to complete your assignment and look for someone else. This way they'll have time to write something.

Happy holidays, and good luck!

Avoiding The Ao3 Reveals Bug

Hello, everyone! Now that posting is approaching, I thought I'd talk about something that was just brought to my attention.

There's an ao3 bug that reveals works in a posted collection before the reveal date. The good news is, there's a workaround! Each individual participant must do this - if a work is posted and the bug reveals it, there's nothing we mods can do.

Steps to avoid the "reveals bug"

1. Login to AO3, select My Assignments from the pull-down menu at the top of the page, choose "fulfill assignment," and create a draft of your fanwork. Make sure you select collection SGA Secret Santa 2018!

2. Don't Post yet! Instead, select "Preview" at the bottom of the page.

3. After checking the Preview of your work, select "Save Without Posting" at the bottom of the screen -- instead of "Post Work."

4. 3 messages should appear at the top of your newly Saved Without Posting work

A. You must see the 3rd and last message, which says:

"This work is part of an ongoing collection and will be revealed soon! You can find details here..."

If you see that 3rd message, you can "Post Work" as in the next step (#5).

B. If you do NOT see the "This work is part of an ongoing collection" message, AO3's "reveals bug" got you.

Please do not do "Post Work" -- leave your fanwork as a draft, and email sgasecretsantamod(at) to let us know. We'll take a look at it.

5. Those who got the 3rd message ("This work is part of an ongoing...") in Step 4.A. can now Post Work. (Edit your fanwork one more time, and instead of choosing "Save Without Posting," this time choose "Post Without Previewing.")

A gentle reminder: please make sure all fanworks are beta-ed before posting them.

If you would like detailed instructions with pictures for avoiding the AO3 reveal bug, they are at Once Upon a Fic Exchange.

Any questions/problems/concerns, please email sgasecretsantamod(at)
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Assignments have gone out! Please check your email to find out who your recipient is and what they'd like :) Let me know if there are any issues - ao3 generated the matches, but we looked them over before they were sent out for any obvious issues.