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Sign-Ups: Round 2

I've heard from a couple of writers who found this community a little too late, which makes me wonder if there are more in the same boat. Ten days for sign-ups seemed good on paper, but for a new comm still finding its legs, I can see how that might not have been enough. That's on me, so I hope no one minds me taking this step.

Because the spirit of this exchange is to bring this fandom together and to deliver holiday cheer, sign-ups are being re-opened until the end of September (Wednesday, September 30).

Assignments for the first group have already been sent out, and those will not change. Instead, I will be matching among the second pool of participants. Because I expect a smaller roster than the first round (but I'd love to be proved wrong here!), if you do sign up now, it would help to be as flexible as possible about genres/pairings/characters you're willing to write. I will do my best to meet your first choices, truly.  If I do not have a satisfactory assignment for you, I will give you the option to be added to the pinch-hit roster instead; you will get first dibs on assignments that are a good fit for you.

It would also help tremendously if you could pimp the community/sign-ups on your own LJ and wherever sga_secretsanta hasn't yet made an appearance--which is, oh, 99% of fandom probably? Please use the attention-grabbing banners and copy/paste codes provided below.

Now that you've read my wonderful spiel...GO HERE FOR RULES & THE SIGN-UP FORM



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