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SGA Secret Santa 2016 Rules and Sign-ups!

Aaaaand, we're back! :)
The rules and sign-up process have been slightly revised, so read carefully.


Sign-ups are now closed.


Sign-ups: Now thru Friday, Sep. 30
Assignments will be sent out within a week. You must reply to the assignment email to confirm receipt.

Required Check-In: Nov. 30
Check-in will be done via email.

Posting Period: Dec. 7 to Dec. 21
You are responsible for posting your gift to this community. Posting instructions will be provided when the time nears.


This is a secret-santa style exchange open to all pairings and genres (gen/het/slash/femslash/multi).

1. All stories must be at least 1,000 words in length. Everyone who signs up to receive a story will be expected to write one in return.

2. Additionally, all stories must be a complete, stand-alone work and must be beta read.

3. I know this isn't our first time around the block, but I'll say it anyways: Keep your identity a secret from your recipient until you post your gift! If you need to ask a question of your recipient, contact me and I'll be your go-between.

4. Be responsive to all mod communications. This includes replying to the assignment email and responding at check-in. Please provide an email you check regularly, and make sure is white-listed.

4. Stick to the deadlines. This is my only Christmas wish! However, if you find yourself needing to drop out or needing an extension, email me right away.

5. Dec. 6th is the final day to drop out without receiving a penalty. And by dropping out, I mean emailing me to let me know! If you drop out once posting begins on the 7th OR if you simply disappear, you will not be allowed to participate next year. If you think you might be ineligible this year, you can contact me to double-check before signing up.

Signing Up

Please consider carefully before signing up. You are making a commitment to another person (your giftee), not just me.

With that said, I've heard that part of the fun is hanging up your stockings together! :) As such, I've given up the google form this year in favor of a sign-up post. Comment to this post with the following information:

LJ name:
Genre(s) I'd like: (Gen/het/slash/femslash/poly)
Pairings/characters I'd like:
Things I'd LIKE: Here, mention themes like h/c, romance; situations like AMTDI or wraith encounters. Feel free to include a couple of pompts, although please note that your Santa is not required to use them. But it might give them a starting point to better tailor a gift for you!
Things I'd DISLIKE: See above.

Genre(s) I can write: (Gen/het/slash/femslash/poly)
What I CAN write: This is where you can go into more specifics than genre (e.g. characters, pairings, rare/unusual themes, crossover fandoms)
What I CAN'T write: List things that you *absolutely* cannot do (e.g. explicit fic, death fic)
Pinch hit? Please let me know if you would consider a pinch-hit.

You can edit your comment up until sign-ups close. If you are not a member of the community yet, please join/watch now, so that you see all important announcements. And as always, feel free to send questions/comments to:

Let's get this show on the road (again)! :)
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