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SGA Secret Santa 2015 Rules and Sign-ups!


Here's to another year of holiday celebration, Pegasus style! :)
Please read the schedule, rules, and sign-up instructions carefully, as they differ from previously held events.

Sign-ups are now closed.


Sign-ups: Now to Sunday, September 13
Assignments will be sent out the following week. I'll make a post when all have been sent out. You'll need to reply to the assignment email to confirm receipt.

Sign-ups ROUND 2: September 21 to Wednesday, September 30

Mandatory Check-In: November 15
Check-in will be done via email. I'll make a post when all emails have been sent out.

Posting Period: December 1 to December 20 (because I'll be on vacation after that!)
You are responsible for posting your gift to this community. There are no assigned posting dates, so you can post your gift any time within this range. Posting instructions will be provided when the time nears.

If you sign up, I highly recommend joining and watching the community now so that you'll have posting access when the time comes and also so you receive all important announcements.


This is a secret-santa style exchange open to all pairings and genres (gen/het/slash/femslash).

1. All stories must be at least 1,000 words in length. Everyone who signs up to receive a story will be expected to write one in return.

2. Additionally, all stories must be a complete, stand-alone work and must be beta read.

3. I know this isn't our first time around the block, but I'll say it anyways: You must keep your identity a secret from your recipient until you post your gift! If you need to ask a question of your recipient, contact me and I'll be your go-between.

4. Follow the deadlines and be responsive to all mod communications. If you believe yourself unable to fulfill the assignment at any time, please notify me right away at sgasecretsantamod @, so that we can get a pinch-hitter up to bat as soon as possible.

5. If you drop out once posting begins on December 1st (with or without giving me notice), you will not be allowed to sign up next year.

Now that you've read all the fun bits and you're just about ready to burst with overwhelming joy, go to the comments section below and share your squee and excitement with the community! Tell us if you're signing up, so we can all prepare ourselves for the awesomeness come December! Talk about anything and everything SGA. The love is still going so strong; let's use this time of year to share it with each other :)

And now, I proudly present you with this awesome sign-up form that I learned how to make at 2am in the morning!


Current stats: We have 43 incredible writers signed up! We already have requests and writers for gen, het, slash, femslash, OT4, you name it. There's promise of happy endings, teaminess, hurt/comfort, romance, and sexytimes. I'll update as sign-ups progress, so keep an eye on this post and the chatter below!

If you have any questions, please send them to: sgasecretsantamod @

Let's get this show on the road! *cuts ribbon*
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